Welcome to our homestay in Rishikesh, a 2835 sq ft bright, airy and modern apartment with four bedrooms, a fully fitted kitchen, dining area, living & satsang area and multiple balconies from which to enjoy the wonderful views.

We’re a team dedicated to, and inspired by, yoga and ayurveda. Our mission is for you to feel at home so that you can take the opportunity to rest & relax body, mind and soul. If you would like to receive ayurveda treatments, we have a dedicated treatment room within the apartment and our own experienced therapists to deliver treatments.

Breakfast, prepared by our in-house cook, and free WIFI is included with your room booking. You’re also invited to help yourself to filtered drinking water & herbal teas from the kitchen. If you would like lunch or dinner, please let us know in advance (charged separately).

The building has emergency generators 24/7 so should there be a power cut, (which happens from time to time), the generators will start up within just a few minutes.

There four bedrooms are:

Agni is the luxurious master double bedroom with attached western style modern bathroom. It is a very spacious room and it has it’s own two large private balconies, one has a Ganga view and the other has a Himalya view. (Size: 15x12)

Vayu is a lovely double room with attached western style modern bathroom and own private balcony with Ganga view. (Size: 11x15)

Jal is a twin/double room with attached western style modern bathroom. It has its own private balcony with Himalaya view. (Size: 11x18) (Size: 11x15)

Prithvi is a twin room/double room with attached western style modern bathroom and window with Himalaya view. (Size: 12x14)

The names of the rooms come from the ayurveda understanding of the universe and everything in it, as being comprised of the five elements: space (Aakash), air (Vayu), fire (Agni), water (Jal) and earth (Prithvi). Our treatment room is called Aakash - a space to just be and heal.